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Blue Hawaiian Body Buff Sugar Scrub


Similar to a sugar scrub but a little different. The Body Buff will exfoliate your skin & leave behind a nice light lotion feel (not oily, greasy, or gunky). What makes it so different? First, the Body Buff is a slushie consistency so you don't have to dip your hand through a vat of oil to get to the good scrubby part. Since the consistency is a slushie, you'll use every bit of product - you won't have a layer of oil left over. Second, a little goes a LONG way. We tell you this now, but you won't believe us. You'll use more than you should the first time but then you'll understand. Third (and we think the most magical), the oils & butter in the Body Buff will actually change into a nice light moisturizing lotion on the skin.

Scent: Scent: Blue Hawaiian- said to smell like summertime, it definitely takes you to the Hawaiian tropics. You'll pick up on the scents of a little rum, coconut, cherry, pineapple... in other words a luau in the bathroom.