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Our Story


I’m Jodi Stevens and I am the owner of Bless Your Heart Boutique in Holly Springs, NC.  Originally from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago but I always say we got to the South as fast as we could!  In the Fall of 2005, my husband, Todd and I, moved to Holly Springs, NC in search of better weather, the ability to be a stay at home mom and the best sweet tea around. Kidding…well sort of.

We’ve been blessed with four wonderful children, 3 girls and 1 boy. After our first daughter, I tinkered with the idea of getting an embroidery machine to play around with some items for our children. After a few weeks of teaching myself how to use my first single needle embroidery machine, I started sharing pictures of my projects on Facebook to friends and a few people were asking if I would do the same for them. Really? Sure I will! When we bought the embroidery machine, I had no intentions of a business…I just figured it would be another craft to add to my repertoire. I’ve always had a thing for crafting and I’m very much a straight line, just so, kind of perfectionist type when it comes to creating. After a few months of playing with the new machine, I asked Todd about trying out an Etsy shop. We were like, hey, why not? “It’s a low risk endeavor….we can just try it out for 3 months.” Then began, For the Little Peeps, specializing in personalized children’s creations!  My goal was to be as specialized as possible, I wanted to be very specific in children’s applique and monogramming. I so enjoyed the Etsy shop! The best part was creating these online relationships with customers throughout the United States that would come back to me throughout the years. It was just incredible to be a small part of people’s celebrations, milestones or even some sad occasions. It’s been amazing to watch their children grow throughout the years and help bring happiness to these occasions. I’ve always loved receiving pictures from customers after a birthday party, holiday or special vacation. Those people that took the time afterwards to acknowledge, it really made my day! There’s just something about custom making creations for someone and then seeing the joy and excitement in their reaction! For the Little Peeps was so good to me, I learned so much…WE learned so much. I never could have had the business without the love and support from my husband who was right alongside me and ALWAYS supporting my wild ideas. We operated For the Little Peeps via Etsy for 4.5 years.

Deep down, I kept thinking it would be great to have a brick and mortar boutique with For the Little Peeps but I just couldn’t make the idea all come together. I was at an applique conference and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I need to open a monogram and gift boutique and have a much broader product offering. I need to offer items for children, adults, brides, sororities, grandmas, fathers and so much more! I wanted to offer fashion, jewelry, local items and all things personalized! Oh man, once this idea was in my head, I didn’t sleep for weeks. Then begins, Bless Your Heart Monograms & Gifts, a retail and online boutique for all things unique and personalized.

After about 6 months of having the storefront, we starting purchasing more and more boutique clothing and fell in love! I mean who doesn't like to shop for cute clothes and accessories? We survey our customers about their likes and dislikes regarding fashion and cater to their wants and needs. We have found that a lot of customers enjoy shopping with us for their affordable boutique clothing. We are just having a blast and it's been incredible making so many new friends!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me, my business and my family. Please know that I’m always here…please feel comfortable to message me anytime via

Much Love, Jodi