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Color & Style Event with House of Colour Holly Springs

Jodi Stevens

Posted on March 21 2024

Color & Style Event with House of Colour Holly Springs
What a fun night we had tonight! Special thanks to Nicole Sveen for teaching all about House of Colour and how wearing the right colors can help you look your best and feel confident! We enjoyed learning all about the four seasons of color and the services she offers. She's just the sweetest and so generous with her time and knowledge. 
When I had my one on one color analysis with Nicole, she showed me how certain colors would make me look brighter, my skin clearer and my lips a natural pink when I was in the correct color season versus when I wasn't; I looked duller, under eye circles popped more and facial imperfections seemed to stand out more. It was amazing!! She taught me strategies on purchasing clothing so that I can make sustainable purchases that last and invest in pieces that are meant for me. When I left my appointment with her, I was given the knowledge and resources to start making confident choices for my wardrobe pieces and a great understanding of color and how it affects us.  
I hope you'll consider talking with Nicole at some point if you weren't able to attend our event tonight, I really think you'll enjoy this one on one special treatment! Bonus points, once you have your color season determined - it never changes! 


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