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Icepick Single Serve Craft Cocktail Mix


There are not too many cocktails that go better on a golf course! This cocktail can even be referred to as a "John Daily" or without Vodka as an "Arnold Palmer". No need to lug around a jug of Sweet Tea and a jug of Lemonade anymore. 
Simply add H2O and Spirit, shake or stir with ice and enjoy. Never overly sweet or artificial tasting. Seriously...our cocktails are delicious! Noble Mick's uses all-natural fruit and vegetable powders, natural spices and flavors, and pure cane sugar.
Made in the USA.
Ingredients: We use 100% REAL fruit and vegetable powders. No artificial flavorings or colors. Their fruit powder is dried using UV light and never undergoes any chemical treatments. It makes a difference! When rehydrated it is real fruit juice. You can taste the difference!