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Pura Simply Lavender Fragrance


Pura Simply Lavender Diffuser Refill. Simply Lavender fills a space with the rejuvenating fragrance of lavender from Provence, blended with essences of eucalyptus and pine. Use this with your Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser for an incredible scent experience.


  • Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals.
  • Pura avoids ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment.
  • Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced.
  • Each refill will last up to 125 hours on medium intensity.

Key Notes

  • Top - herbal, lavender, eucalyptus, green
  • Middle - pine, floral, muguet, rose, spicy, clove
  • Base - animalic, musk, woody, amber, balsamic, hay